Mentor Program

Appointment acceptances for the Class of 2023 are starting to roll in!  Please consider being a part of our Houston Mentor Program.  All families have the qualifications to mentor new parents!  Our club will match New Cadet Candidate families with rising Yuk, Cow, and Firstie families.

Responsibilities are few and simple.  Mentor families contact the New Cadet Candidate families by phone prior to the May 5th Hail and Farewell to introduce themselves and welcome them to our club, and to the upcoming 47 month journey at West Point!  The main objective of the mentor program is to answer questions and give insight to parents periodically throughout the plebe year as needed.

Please contact David & Cindy Pounds, with your interest in mentoring a family for the Class of 2023!  We’d like to consider several factors which might impact the cadet experience when matching mentors to families, such as Civil Prep, USMAPS, corps squad athlete, or female cadets, so please let us know if your cadet fits into any of those categories.

You may mentor a family from the Class of 2023 even if you are already a mentor for another class year.  Please help support our new families and welcome them to WPPCGH!

David & Cindy Pounds