Hail and Farewell/Firstie Flags

Every year in early May, WPPCGH hosts a special event to “Hail” the incoming class of
New Cadet Candidates (NCC) and bid “Farewell” to the parents of the Graduating class.

At this function, the Houston area Field Force introduces each of the NCCs whose graduation date will be in 47 months, hence the Class of 20XX.
Also introduced at this event is the USMA Alumni who graduated 50 years before that class and will act as advisor to the NCCs.

The Farewell process involves recognizing the parents of each graduating Firstie. The parents are presented with two flags: the American flag and a flag of the state of Texas.
Both flags were flownover respective capitols in honor of the specific Firstie on the 100th Night prior to Graduation. Many of the Firsties then use these flags as backdrops for commissioning ceremonies, which are held after Graduation.